Hair loss is not a failing of the person suffering hair loss.
But a failing of the person who views wigs and the women who wear
them negatively. The fight back starts here.

I will wear a wig... because it makes ME feel better.
I will decide when this is right to wear.
I don’t need your justification...
This is not about you.

This is not MY condition.
This is A condition I have.
A condition I can combat.

I don’t know why I lose my hair.
But it’s more important that I don’t lose myself.
Now is not a time to hide.

Wearing a wig doesn’t change who I am.

From now on I don’t give a sh*t what you think about my hair.

My value is not tied up in your judgement of me.
A loss of hair is not a failing on my part.

I am here to change perceptions.

I am confident.
I am strong.
I am positive.
I am me.

Manchester, England

Our founder met a girl with dimples. She worked in a wig boutique.

With all his savings and with no stock of wigs and toppers, he opened his first wig boutique. She broke his heart.

Our First Logo

The Dimples logo didn't change until 2019.

Manchester, England

Business was good, everyone wore wigs for fashion. Wigs were accepted just like another piece of clothing.

He opened three more retail wig boutiques in Manchester, England.

Our Founder

Our founder traveled to Asia many times a year to finalize samples and to do quality control himself.


We worked with some of the greatest wig designers

A partnership for LIFE

He hired a young, bright man who did the books and more. They become friends and business partners. With a Visionary and Integrator, Dimples thrived.

Synthetic Wigs

Synthetic wigs were the new craze as human hair wigs became overly expensive to source and produce.


Meet our Mum, she's not the "girl with Dimples". But, she did wear a wig when she helped dad out at the Bolton wig shop location. (I'm the little one).

Our First Contract with NHS Hospitals

In 2012 we won our first contract with NHS hospitals. We were awarded as the main supplier for an NHS Hospital that had a cancer center. We supplied many wigs through the government with prescriptions to cancer patients in need.

Since then, Dimples continues to win contracts, supplying dozens of hospital cancer centers with wigs.


Dimples Opens an office and warehouse in Los Angeles, USA!

Remy Human Hair Like Never Before

We designed a new range of wigs and toppers with the best Remy Human Hair we had ever seen.

We never believed it was possible to have such vibrant colors with highlights, low lights, and rooted colors.

In the past, we were used to making human hair wigs in basic colors (1B, 2, 4, 6, 8...etc) with no dimension. The hair was dry and brittle, and kind of embarrassing to show.

But, we discovered something amazing with our new Remy Human Hair wigs and toppers, with beautiful colors, movement. We also made sure to make all our wigs and toppers with soft, breathable, comfortable materials.

Keeping it in the family

With my wife and first son, Renard (aka Rennie & Puggle). We rescue!

A Big Step

After 50 years, we decided to make some bold moves and re-brand Dimples both inside and out.

We discovered our Core Purpose and our Core Values.

We applied these values and principles with every decision going forward.

We became obsessed with learning and applying new tech.

We began the journey of self implementing E.O.S (the Entrepreneurial Operating System), to help us with our vision, strategy, and accountabilities for the next decade.

The Launch of the Clio and Hera Collections with the PerFIT wig cap

We discovered what we did best best: providing comfortable, natural, easy to understand wigs and toppers.

We stopped trying to please everyone. We really studied what was needed, who our core customers are, and what their pain points and goals are.

We simplified and focused on three toppers, three wigs, in ten of the best colors we've ever made.

The Next Generation

Theodore, Puggle, and I (...and Nina taking the picture).