Clio 12 L Topper

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Dark Chocolate
Nutmeg (Rooted)
Honey Bun (Rooted)
Creme Brulee (Rooted)
Coffee Dolce
Vanilla Cream (Rooted)

Down to the Details
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We understand choosing the right color is important. At Dimples, we are committed to helping you find the RightFit. Use our ClipFit color ring for guidance, or we are available for free consultations to help guide you through the process. Together we can help find the right shade and style for you.

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Why we love her

Invisible fit: A flexible, bump-free base to create an all-natural look.

Seamless color match edges: Say goodbye to thick, shiny edges thanks to our super thin, durable material.

Smooth moves: Crafted to stop hair sticking up at the crown.

Make waves with Remy hair: A full-bodied texture with life and soul that forms beachy waves when air-dried.

Parting perfection: Edges are hidden with under-knotted hair so your parting is always on point.

Clio - The Goddess of Great Deeds and Accomplishments.


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